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The storm never pretended what it was. It couldn’t hide what it is from anyone. Why would it want to? The storm cannot hide its thunder, lightning or its rain, it cannot hide its wind or its wrath. But again, why would it want to? The beauty of the storm with all its power cannot pretend to be anything other than what it is. Why should it have to? It doesn’t; the storm is honest and clear in its motives. The storm with all the energy it has cannot and refuses to be anything but what it is; and what it is, is pure raw beautiful electric energy. It’s a combination of all the right elements coming together to create the perfect power.People accept it or they move out of its path. But the storm gives warning signs. ┬áIt gives those a choice to get out of its way, or stay.

It doesn’t lie, it doesn’t pretend; because it doesn’t have to. There is beauty in the truth of it. But the ones who can’t accept or understand that beautiful truth run and hide like cowards. The ones who accept this storm get to stay and witness it and all its amazing power and truth. Who wouldn’t want to be a witness to that? Someone who can’t handle the raw beautiful truth. But the storm doesn’t care, it moves on and those who witness it and stay are the lucky ones who feel the energy. For the storm will not pretend what it is for anyone or anything; and why should it have to?