Monthly Archives: May 2016



Life; ever changing, always evolving. The hardest part is when you get comfortable with a situation that  stays the same for a long period of time. It feels familiar, safe, routine. These are the parts of life we don’t want to change because they significantly make things worth getting up for every morning. Kissing the one you feel so deeply for and knowing they feel the same. A long talk with a friend every night proving you truly give a shit. Meeting a group of people and getting to work on an amazing project you wish would never end because the times you share were memorable and some of the best times.But life has other plans for you. It can take these amazing life expirences and turn them into something of a horror film where you can feel your guts being tore from the inside out. It takes you away from your comfort zone, your happy place. It can ruin  amazing times and memories in just seconds. Life can be a bitch like that. Life has to remind you not to get comfortable. That there are hard lessons to learn in order for you to grow as a person. Accepting change is so hard when things were going so well for so long. It brings a sense of dred and a fear of the unknown. Having no control of this new present moment your mind races with the question of what the fuck just happened? The person you talked to for months just quits talking to you. Your project with your amazing new friends comes to an end. Someone you love dies. There are so many painful scenerios. But one thing is for sure, life can and will change drastically without a moments notice and it doesn’t give a fuck if it changes your good times. Life is teaching you constantly as a reminder of who is in control; and it sure as hell isn’t you! But the one thing you can control is the way you deal with the changes. You can wallow in the pain forever if you chose. Or you can look at it as a hard lesson learned and put on your shit kickers and show it you can take whatever it dishes out. If you chose the later you can grow in so many ways you never thought. The change then becomes metaphorically a metomorphosis. Changing you into someone completely new. Someone with more life lessons, more maturity, more clarity than the person you just transistioned from.  Lately I have gone through this metamorphosis and I’m not fully on the other side yet, but when I am done with this transition I know there will be another one waiting in time to take me from who I am today into something even greater over time; and so now I live in the present moment of this new found clarity  and wait for the next big metamorphosis.