Monthly Archives: November 2015



I breath you in. Your soft lips pressed against mine, the taste as sweet as a sin. Inhaling you in, our chemicals mixing; scientific perfection. I can smell your angelic scent all over my skin. Sensually kissing, euphoric inside, heart melting with an intense desire. Passionately making love, an insanely lit burning fire. I breath you in, inhaling all that you are, an intoxicating sin, one that I desire. 



Pure blood lust. Love dripping soul given as such. Taken without force, used up till the last drop spilled, runneth over cup. Never forced, given in increments just enough. Consumed as if there’s no end. Siphoning, screaming soul bleeding within. Craving more seething dark sin. Trust taken, stolen, torn from the skin. Flesh of the beautiful one feeling deep, falling in. Heart broken; eternal hell from the lust. Ripped from the chest until beating heart turned into dust. Black rose, wrapping thorns suffocating; stemmed. Damned to the void of darkness for eternity; Condemned